The Phantom of the Opera

The Film

Romantic Drama/Musical

Date of  play

April 7th, 2006

Directed by

Joel Schumacher

Screenplay by

Andrew Llyod Weber and Joel Schumacher

Gaston Leroux (The Book)

The Director of Photography

John Mathieson


Andrew Lloyd Weber

Date of production

2004- USA/England (143 minutes)

The Cast

Gerard Butler (The Ghost), Emmy Rossum (Christine),

Patrick Wilson (Raoul), Miranda Richardson (Madame Giry),

Minnie Driver (Carlotta), CiarŠn Hinds (Firmin) , Simon Callow (Andre) , Victor McGuire (Piangi), Jennifer Ellison (Meg Giry), Murray Melvin (Reyer), Kevin McNally (Buquet)

Andre and Firmin, the heirs of  Levefre start acting more quickly than expected and they are eager and determined to make the opera lively again.  The first thing that they do is to find a new director and they appoint  Victome Raoul de Changy.

Raoul organizes an opening night, but during the rehearsal   the curtain falls down over the soprano, the star of  the show . So, she claims that there is a ghost in the opera building and leaves.  Raoul has to find a new soprano and in this manner Christine is thrust into the spot light.

Christine is one of  the chorus girls  and she is Raoulís childhood love. As soon as she sees him Christine recognizes him and becomes very excited.

A msyterious teacher who is not seen around and whose identity is not known gives music lessons to Christine, trains and protects her.

On the other hand Raoul has recognized Christine who was in love with him since childhood.  Now, they are together again in a deep love relationship.

However, the ghost Gerard is not going to watch silently the things that are going on d and he does not have any intention of leaving Christine.  It is not possible to predict what Gerard will do as he acts in such a confusing manner.

The Phantom of the Opera, this immortal masterpiece had been made as a musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber and at last it has been adapted into a film.

Unfortunately, I could not have the chance to watch this unique musical while I was in London.

However, the film is also very good. The critics also agree upon this. There are similar scenes in the musical and in the film.  Such as the scene at the beginning  in which we see the magnificent  chandelier and then it is pulled up as well as the scene in which Raoul takes Christine to a boat tour in the background.

All the opera lovers should watch this film. It is presented to the movie lovers with its lavish costumes, wonderful scenes, the mysterious ambiance  of  the old chateaus  in a striking manner.

Please, do not miss this film.

My note for the film is 8.5/10.

Remain with love and be entrusted to Allah.

Istanbul, April 15th, 2006

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