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     In the society, most probably, those who are  named as  serious individuals are as few as the fingers of a hand.

     Due to the way the individual has been brought up,   even if he he wants to be serious he cannot be so,  he  is unable to be consistent  and  unable to display this attitude.

     Being able to be serious is a matter of  education, good manners and a matter of practicing it in one’s life.

     The reason is that the habits cannot be left aside easily, and one’s nature  cannot change easily.

     In the same way, while the world is going through a transformation, we are going on with the same habits  and the same, usual life style without any change.

     One step forward and one step back!

     In such a case it seems impossible to speak about seriousness.

     Allah’s Rasul (s.a.v) in  one of his hadiths says ’do not laugh until your teeth become visible’’. While he is saying these he emphasizes the importance of this attribute and wants  the people not to be   lethargic (not to loose their self control).

     We, as he has  foreseen,  should apply this  and know its  wisdom and purpose.

     This attribute has such benefits that are impossible to estimate. First of all, it makes the individual to be more respectful in the society. The approaches made to such   rare individuals create a positive energy’’ and makes it possible to look at the future with confidence.

     Just think!

     If, among the people there had  really been individuals who behaved seriously, then today under  these circumstances would there stil be insignificant (pale) ideas and conflicts?

     Everybody would be careful about their actions, there wouldn’t be any of  the things  that have wrapped up (surrrounded) the society which we can name as  ugly, dirty,  low level, accusing, and pushing the limits of  the rules of politeness. In addition to these  no one would try to dominate others,  no one would try to interfere with the things that are being done, ‘’finding solutions for the problems  would not be blocked, things would not be muddled up (there wouldn’t be any disorder)’’, no one would make use of   those actions which surprise the people and in such a case the circumstances would not have turned  into hell.

     If, any task was found to be serious, then it would flow in its own natural route, there wouldn’t be any pressure, no prohibitions and every individual would be able to tell his opinion freely.

     Naturally, as an outcome there wouldn’t be any degeneration (the system would be working efficiently /properly).

     Serious behaviour would have formed the things that I have said.

     The reason is that when an individual starts loosing his self control, he starts to deal with others and looses his firm ’attitude’  as well as his abilities and talents.

     Such a behaviour is  the sign of   how  incompetent he is and how he has lost all his  abilities.

     As he has lost his abilites most of his ideas do not match the reality/ seriousness.

     However, contrary to the above a serious person is  fully conscious and relaxed.

While  he is telling everything openly he smiles, but never degenerates.

     He does not live with his ambitions and desires

     He knows how to take and knows how to give as well.  He does not overdo things,  he does not put off  or  neglect doing the things that he wants to do and does every duty with great care.

     When  he argues feverishly about a subject  he does not try to belittle the person he is talking to and he does not spent much effort to defeat him by unnecessary useless words.

     As you may understand there is no alternative to seriousness. Whereas, there is one serious competitor of this attribute and that is those people who seem to be serious and who seem to have much knowledge in spite of  the fact that they know little.

     In other words,  even if they are not like that they pretend to be serious and lead the people to the wrong paths and wrong information.

     Unfortunately, those who do not have the necessary background, who can make mistakes every instant but still who make the pure, innocent people run after them by their serious outlook have been present in every period.

     Being aware of these and to observe them with worry is the duty of  their followers.

     There is another point which should be kept in mind : The artificial serious people poison the society in one way or another.

     However, sooner or later they come out into the open.

     Thinking that imitative  seriousness can explain everything takes one to a  mistake and that is  to think  that the colour of  life is all grey.

     At this stage the question that comes to mind is :

     By such a low-quality style and meaningless words how can there be seriousness, would it be possible to solve any problems and would they be able to do this?

     Perhaps, when they cannot tolerate any more their troubles and their pain or when they find this attitude attractive they will give up their informal and free behaviour and become serious.

     However, when we see that they still cannot realise it we can say that they have not become enough fed up  by their troubles and sufferings or there is something missing in their background.

     We can understand  it by this.


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Ýstanbul - 24.10.2010