Whatever the return of Hz.Jesus means for the Christians, the appearance of the  

‘’Expected Mahdi’’ has the same meaning for the Shiites, which is the first sect in the Islamic world that has both religious and political aspects.

Today, the Shiites are believing  that the expected Mahdi is the twelfth imam and he will become visible in Mecca  and after establishing the order he will die within 7-11 years.  The interesting is that they are saying ‘’believing in the 12th Imam is believing in tomorrow’s world’’.

On the other hand the ones who have been expecting  the Mahdi to come and become visible have  changed their expressions suddenly and they have started to say ‘’What is really being meant by the Mahdi is to know our reality/our origin.  The Mahdi (as a person) will not come’’.

If, we examine these closely from the point of Islam,  then we can see that  there isn’t any  information in the Koran about the coming, the appearance  of  the Mahdi  as well as  in the two important hadith sources such as Buhari and Muslim.  However, in the other hadith books especially in Abu Dawud’s ‘’Sunan’’ extensive information has been given anout the Mahdi.   Also, the ideas  of the Saints of Allah about the Mahdi are confirming the information given by him.

However, I am sad to say that regarding the above mentioned information I must come back to this point and correct the misunderstandings as follows:-

1. There is only a similarity of names between the Mahdi who is the twelfth Imam and the Mahdi (a.s)  who is expected to become visible.  The Shiites have confused the Mahdi who will come  with the one who  has lived centuries ago.  The Mahdi will appear at a time close to the dooms day and before his appearance  in a very interesting way   Saudi Arabia will no longer be ruled by the kings. 

2. According to another opinion one should accept as the appearance of the Mahdi to know the being in his essence (and not expect any visible person to appear).    This is also correct,  but  it is another aspect of  the whole process.  For those  who want to learn about this dimension which is also defined as the  doom of  the individual it would be sufficient to look at the book Universal Man (Al-Insan Al-Kamil) written by Hz. Abd al-Karim al-Jili  who is the grandson of the Ghawthu’l Azam  Hz.Abd al-kadir al Jilani .

3. According to strong information it would be insufficient to consider the Mahdi who will become visible  as non existent and to consider  this event only as the manifestation of the power in our essence.  As you would appreciate, in order for the one who is for the time being invisible for us to become visible  the Saudi Kingdom should come to an end (Saudi Arabia will no more be ruled by the kings).

4. These findings are correct, however following this the  people should not become restless when they think about the probability whether the Mahdi is the person whom they expect or someone else.   What I am  saying is ‘’The human being should ask for Allah’s science at every moment, try to complete  the missing parts in his knowledge and leave this world (die) in such a state.’’  Yes, knowing the Mahdi is a great favour for the individual, however in order to understand him it is necessary to free oneself from being imitative, not to consider the Mahdi as superhuman  and  the individual should follow the scientific path. Please, do not forget this point.

Remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.

Istanbul, March3rd 2006

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