Ahmet F. Yüksel

Let us think about a sand coloured Kashmir bobcat. At the beginning of  March it climbs,  runs, approaches (the female) silently and as the hours pass it  convinces the female for mating and the interesting is that  it enjoys his manhood, sexuality not at the stage of mating, but during the time he spends in trying  to convince the female.

Now, let us remember the Tibetian bobcat. It catches every duck,  every snow rabbit (lepus timidus) and throws them to  his female as a show off  (perhaps for making her jealous) eats them and  at the same time he possesses her sexually.

You should accept that we, as civilized people  have given these examples  thinking that you have left aside your conditionings and value judgements.

The history of  humanity covers a period of  200 million years as explained by the esteemed people who   possess  certitude/ discovery (spiritually)  and this fact is not explained by  the contemporary science.

Again, when we refer to the scientific declarations it is stated that  " the universe has (lived) 15 billion years after the big bang"( our universe is 15 billion years old).  This figure looks rather exaggerated in the first place, but when we take into consideration  the evolution, we see that it covers a really reasonable period.

Now, let us go beyond the idea that accepts Prophet Adam as the first human being (on earth) and evaluate how the characteristics of  the human being  is transferred by  means of  genetics (from generation to generation).

We should accept that upto now the (evolved) individual has taken his evolved behaviour from the animal/animals that we have mentioned above and moreover we can go further and accept that such creatures have taken their genes as it is in the seed/tree example  from a kind of   fish/ a living thing named as amoeba.

When we take into consideration  the period of evolution which goes from fish till to the human being (if we wish to roll the film backwards) we can witness that a divine power has made the existence continue  by an awesome program of  formation.

The interesting thing is that it is necessary to look for  this power not in  the outer realm  but within the esence of  the existence.

In the older explanations these statements were named as revelations.

Another important point regarding the evolution is that if,  the genetically inhereted characteristics cannot be tamed and controlled by a certain training, then the ego, ‘the egoistic  gene’ (the selfish gene)  becomes more significant.  As a result, it becomes manifest  as a lover who murders his loved one, or  as making oneself happy,  but giving pain to others in the form of  deception, theft and similar things.

For those who think that this theory is nonsense  let us give an example  that we have remembered.

"…I had seen someone in India, in the Kashi region.

It was the year 790.

He had killed three important men in that region  consciously  in three different places.

When he had killed someone he ran over to the other  and afterwards he killed the third one.

In this way he had murdered three people.

When he was caught and brought to the court for his neck to be cut off  I went near him and asked

-Why did you do such a thing?

-I have done such a nice thing

While he was talking he was saying that what he had done was an incredible thing.   I have seen that he was in great joy.

I swear on my life and say I do not think that he had such a feeling of taste/joy before.

In actual fact, at that very moment he was going to be beaten, tied up and hanged as the others who have chosen the same way. (The Perfect Man,  Chapter : The Image of Mohammad)."

However, accepting  the above mentioned points is difficult for a man with much belief. In any case, it is possible to make the frame narrower and making the frame narrower is not something extraordinary.

In this case, I am not relating this ideology to the capitalistic system or the ideology of Marx.  On the contrary, I am telling that the material things have been formed by the meaning.

Of course, it is normal that it has several  stages. 

As a result I can say this:  In order not to experience the said negative manifestations in the body spending much effort will make the negative genes in the pool of genes to become weaker and moreover become covered up in such a way that they will not be apparent again.

There is no doubt that this "egoistic  gene"(selfish gene) sometimes becomes apparent in normal and healthy people  leading to personality disorders and to illnesses which makes one visit the psychiatrists.

When the thoughts based on the physical body and  ownership such as ‘’That is mine,  therefore I can do whatever I wish." Or  "s/he has such and such a thing, then why shouldn’t I have the same too ’’  are too much, then this may be a sign of  one of  the above mentioned illnesses.

On the other hand, there are the ones who are having a problem of  stability (in their behaviour).  Such problems come out suddenly especially in old age. The reason underlying  these problems  can be understood only by the experts.

In order to find out  the condition  of  the genes in a human being it is necessary to make a map of his/her  genes and  afterwards by much perceptive ability it is necessary to observe carefully his or her actions that may lead to behaviour disorders.

Istanbul - April 09 th 2009


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