Falling into emptiness

The individuals who give specific people, who are concerned deeply  with them  every moment of their lives,  fall into  emptiness when  they loose these people for some  reason and they  get wrapped in a completely different mood.

They immediately loose the joy  they get from life   and they feel like a dead person.  The interesting point  is that as soon as they have this loss of identity they start to be very nervous and they become extremely touchy.   They sit and wander  what they are going to do.  All the negative  kinds of  behaviour  that are not proper for a human  being such as having problems in communicating with others, lethargy and laziness, feelings of pessimism seem to be their way of  life style.

In my opinion falling into emptiness is true for those who have grasped the flow of  life firmly or  for the ones who live with the principal ‘’I come before everything else’’.

The reason is  that when the thing which he wanted to have  very much is taken away from him or if  there is a separation for some  reason, then whether one wants it or not  the emptiness finds the individual.

As he was welcoming a very colourful life with lots of excitements, he never  thought  of   the opposite, he could not think that anytime anything contrary could happen.  Such an individual does not know anything about the returns from the life or  the  working/ functioning system of  the universe, therefore  it is not easy for him to overcome these difficulties.

We must admit that the ones in such a state of  mind do not have a specific  thought idea nor an ideal ***.

There are lots of people around us who are experiencing   these  conditions for which they were not prepared at all. Most probably,  you do not have to go around searching  for a long time in order to meet them.

Such kind of people reflect their problems immediately to those close to them . When the subject of  their addiction is taken away from them, then they  start to show   symptoms of  physical and psychological disorder.  As soon as such a person enters  through the door, s/he fixes his eyes to the ceiling and starts telling about  what s/he has said and done with a low tone of  voice.

From this meaningless visit you understand that s/he is certainly in emptiness and has approached you in order to have some potential power for himself.
As a matter of  fact, apart from the class of  saints that are accepted as extrordinary individuals and the individuals with belief/faith in their  hearts  there isn’t almost any person who does not fall into the emptiness.  It can be seen that   those individuals who have  very little faith in their hearts as little as the size of  a grain of  wheat are prevented from falling into the emptiness because of  the positive power that they have gained from their works  all through their lives.

However, on the other hand the statistics show that at the moments of emptiness the esteemed members of  the  society are thinking of committing suicide. Among them are  the intellectuals, the well educated ones,  the ones who can get everything that they want,   the big business men who are doomed to live the same end due to being bankrupt as well as the ones  who have fallen into the emptiness because of  simple family disputes.

Unfortunately, this lack of energy  finds and gets hold of   even the ones who identify themselves as being  untouchable.*****

My dear friends,  it would be much more correct to consider this matter not only in personal terms, but  within the dimension of  the society.  For this reason, I am thinking that it is necessary to approach these individuals with a positive attitude, without criticising and accusing them by  what they have done and without  making them feel ashamed with what they have done.

I am sure that the supporting hands that wil be lended to these people will save them from these pessimistic moods  and will prevent them from going into depression.

Istanbul, February 29th 2004 


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