Hz.Mohammad has said ‘’Talk to the people according to their intellect/ level of understanding.’’

The great sufi thinker Mawlana says ‘’What you can tell to the person in front of you depends on his power of understanding. You can tell only as much as he can understand and that is his own belonging which he has formed within himself.’’
I think that these words are an evidence/proof which show how important it is to understand and to perceive.

Telling about something after meticulous thinking is a talent, but what is more important is to have a deep, thorough knowledge about the thing that you are telling. The human factor is of considerable importance in the process of understanding…
In some cases going headlong into a subject without understanding what it is above is done by those ignorant ones who have a foolish, but tremendous courage covering up their eyes. The society describes them as people who cannot evaluate what is going to happen to them and who do not have any idea, any knowledge about the things that may happen with their limited/narrow minds.
In life, there may be risks that can be taken and there are the risks which should not be taken at all…. These are the situations whose end results change in accordance with the perception.
Can we name a person as intelligent who runs head long to do something without thinking, without considering the pros and cons with foolish speed ?

It is the intensity of knowledge that wishes to verbalize the truth/the reality of life and this quality is spread over a large area. The humans have to benefit from this knowledge. If, a person does not have any accumulation of knowledge, then his perceptive ability will get weakened. What is common for all the people is that when an individual orients/directs himself towards a field which he likes and to which he feels himself close, then his perceptive capacity for that subject expands proportionally.
To understand needs great effort and this struggle is made only for a loved one.
To understand is a whole. When the whole is divided into segments, then it becomes difficult to understand the subject.

It is necessary to higher the members of the society up to the level of understanding. The important thing for understanding is to have a ready to understand attitude.
When a subject is being told, the perceptive circuits of the brain must become active and at that moment it is necessary not to think of other things or problems. In some cases the admiration felt for a person may cause one not to understand the approaches made by that person towards any subject.
As a requirement of the attribute of ‘’being an informant’’, some people transfer the things that they do not understand to others in an incredible way and in doing so they create a loving image, but such behaviour is a kind of misunderstanding too.

A friendship that has been formed does not indicate that the parties concerned are understanding each other fully in all aspects.
When something is told some people confuse everything and they may come up with questions that do not have any relation with that subject. From this you can understand that the thing that you have told has not reached them at all.

Some of them nod their heads and seem to understand what has been told, but the long time that passes over the incident shows that he has not understood anything and his behaviour is just a show off. Some look as if they have understood and accepted what has been told, but after some time they ask you the thing that you have already told. This shows that they have not listened to you at all. Also, there are people who apply/put into practice the subjects that they said to have understood in a totally wrong manner.

I think that every human being can reach upto the level of perception and have such an attitude within his limits, depending on his capacity and one can form a philosophy with the knowledge that he has accumulated. However, I do draw back/fear from people who behave strangely because they have not understood a certain thing.

As a matter of fact, the ones who are not ready to take over the responsibility of life, those narrow minded ones who do not have the ability to perceive, the ones who overestimate themselves (who are not at all modest) find a single solution and that is to blacken others by false accusations.

Istanbul, April 4th 2002

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