Time brings out/speaks about  the  conflicts and the dilemmas in which the individuals gets trapped.   In the course of  time, we determine our  responsibilities  and we try to put them into practice.  Whereas, on some occasions  we experience the honour that are being granted on us by the events.

The rules and  the principles always settle down in time.  All the  strong disappointments are experienced during these periods.  Time also decides about  our expectations, and determines our outer world.   However, it is not limited only with these subjects.

This concept  influences our inner world too. All the dimensions pertaining to the dreams which have not become manifest openly, but   which have definite  obvious  beginnings and ends  are also dependent  on time.

Anything and everything has a cause and effect relation and a programm all of  which  are indexed to time.   It is impossible  to think the other way round.

Time gives the necessary lessons to those who have lost their self-control  because of  joy and pride.  In the course of  time, the individual accepts his/her destiny.  S/he builds  up  his/her loyalty and maturity in a certain period of time.  No one can become successful  without distributing the chain of  success over time.  In the course of  time,  the humans  have a stronger  will power, belief and  a more stable character.

You can witness that the dreams, the prejudices and the deformed way of thinking  get changed in the course of  time.

However, sometimes  everything gets lost  as tiem passes. Such a situation is indeed very puzzling for an individual.   It is much more easier to look for a needle in a haystack than trying to find out  what has been lost  in time. It is very interesting that even the dreams that people have during the  same time period are being perceived  by the brains in a different manner.

In this  life which is full of ups and downs we cannot become aware of  the fact that time is passing extremely fast and also we cannot know where we are standing in time.

As time goes by   the frustrations and the pains in life seem to slow down, but they never pass totally.  During such painful, troubled  periods you think  that the seconds last as long as the years.  It seems as if time has reached the speed of light and it has stopped totally.

When we think about the stopping of  time and  the beginning  of  the universe,  then this leads us  to the question ‘’What had happenned before the beginning, or  what was there before the beginning’’? 

It is normal for  us to have a tendency to think about such a question.

The reason is that when we say  time has got formed with the beginning of  the universe, then we accept that there was no time before the beginning  of  the universe.  The mystic philosophy has expressed this point as the ‘’dimension of  meaning’’.   In this dimension there isn’t any place for time.  Time has been replaced by  ‘’the Instant’’. 

Allah’s Rasul Hz.Mohammad who has been forwarded as a mercy for the universes describes the Instant  by the statement ‘’There is Allah and there is nothing else together with Allah.’’ 

 Also,  the following hadith points out the same fact  ‘’When the difference is realised, then only Allah is left’’.

These deep words are expressed as ‘’An-I Daim/ The Continuous Instant’’.   The men of  wisdom interpret this as ‘’The revelation which does not contain any time’’.

In general, in the dimension of  multiplicity the existence is evaluated in terms of  forms, shapes/the material outlook, but in the dimension of  meaning  all the events that are experienced  are shapeless, they do not have an image.

When we look at the matter from this point,  then it would be appropriate to evaluate and describe the ‘’Instant’’ as  ‘’The Absolute Being’’ or  ‘’The Knowledge/The science’’ .

Istanbul, January 22nd 2004

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