It is not easy for us to find a person  who did not make any mistakes during his lifetime. There are of course exceptions, but  in general,  we have to live with this negative aspect.  For this reason,  we have to listen to the warnings and our  goal  should be to have a controlled, stable and a respectful life  in order  to avoid  a feeling of emptiness bringing along another one.

One of  the prerequisites of such a life style is to keep away from such relations which have no use for the individual.

However, it is unfortunate that a majority of  the population is leading a life at the edge of such  a  poverty.

Believe it  or not,  a  connection established with an idle  person who wanders  around  thinking only about his gains from  the daily life,  who doesn’t have the simplest positive segment in his life and who does not  search for any kind of legitimacy will be a hinderance, a set back  for  you.

Cooperating with such people only  for  the sake of  being good to them and letting  some ideas to flourish will take away lots of things from you without even making you aware of  it and your manners will surprisingly become like that of  the subject individual.

However, everything can be fine  if this  situation/state of mind can be controlled and  if you can take the necessary precautions no matter what they cost.

Mawlana has a very nice statement:-  ‘’If you walk around with someone who sells roses, then you will smell like a rose,  but if you go around with someone who sells coal, then you’ll smell like coal.’’

Here, the message is  open and clear.  It is impossible to interpret  this statement in some other way.

A person who goes through problems in his personal life cannot become aware of  this during the first stages, because he has got used to such behaviour. However, when the relations come to an end  he can feel that he has been influenced in the negative way.

Mawlana, in his Masnawi  warns the individual strongly  and he says :-

‘’Stay away from the idiot, because the conversation with the idiot has led to shedding of  much  blood.  The air steals the water little by little (slowly) and in the same way  the idiot steals from you.  That idiot steals the warmth and gives the coldness like a person who puts a stone underneath.’’

In short,  the idiot person  opens the door for every kind of mistake.

So, the matter is of vital importance.

Therefore,  one should be able to make a self criticism for such situations whenever he finds the chance  and he should not overlook the reflections that may come out from that feeling of  emptiness which may occur every instant.  At least such an analysis can lead the person to take good precautions for the dangers that may occur every instant.

Also, we should take seriously and keep in  mind the statement  ‘’The road for  the Hell has been paved with the stones of  good will’’ ; because in the end  the good ones may also be classified among the class of  the bad ones too.

In order not  to turn the life into misery and helplessness the most logical thing to do would be to keep away  from such kind of people.

Istanbul, January 29th 2004

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