To Boast

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If, you read calmly the 22nd and 23rd verses of the Chapter of Hadid in  the  Koran al Kerim,  you will understand that to boast – to be arrogant, to be too proud is a feeling which is useless, absurd and it  arises due to not knowing the system. You understand that this feeling is a factor which is an  obstacle for renewal and change.  Therefore,  you try to find ways in order to save yourself from these meaningless feeling that put you in chains and that  create much interference in the brain.

     However, if you insist on being too conceited (if, you do not listen to anyone)  then, you not only become dirty, find yourself trapped in a blind alley, muddled up, (there will be mud on you), but you will also be deprived of  the concept of  fate while you are denying the philosophy of existence.

     Whereas, underlying all the events there are the true facts which are pushed aside by many people thinking that they are nonsense.  It is not easy to understand this complete set of mysteries which we define by the name  ‘’taqdir’’ (fate, predestination).

     The said concept is  Allah’s grant, favour, offering  to the people.

     The one who perceives the destiny, by keeping the spiritual bridges strong, realizes the life of oneness-wahdat which contains the Kalimat-it Tawhid (The word of Oneness) and breaks the dry shell that covers him with  crackling sounds.

     In actual fact it is not possible in any other way, because destiny and oneness/ wahdat are a whole which cannot be separated from one another.

     Just think, in front of us there is a continuously changing photo of  the human being who is trying to become refined and who wants to leave the humanly values based on the flesh and bone body.

     His perception, his chemistry-structure changes, he does everything openly, his point of view becomes different and his communication is based on these principles.

     Today, he, enlarges,expands whatever he is doing by the activities that we have mentioned, thus he creates a variety and increases them.

     This activity most probably influences his habits (his nature).

     However, he does not boast, become too proud and he never thinks of looking down upon others.  He never thinks of saying ‘’I have created the mountains’’.(This is a turkish idiom used to state that one is too proud,  and very conceited.)

     By these concrete developments he forces his moulds. Therefore, he no longer  fits into that thick and hard shell, namely his body in which he has grown.

     So, he reaches his origin his truth.

     The reason is that Allah’s rule puts forth such a development and you naturally  reach your objective.

     Let me describe it more openly;  when some things leave you there is definitely a change.

     All the things that belong to the old including your habits are left behind; looking at the metaphors by simple logic is finished totally and it is replaced by being scientific.

     The humans become ready for everything, especially death.

     If, there isn’t any refinement, then it is difficult for the  beautiful divine things  to become manifest.

     Of course, this  does not take place only by speaking about them, but it is established  by getting rid of the fears and fighting the feelings.

     If, the level of knowledge is firmly settled, but if, it is  not put into practice in life, then everything turns back to the old style and life is forced to go on in this manner.

     Therefore, the human being has to control his feelings and he should not listen to their wishes.

     As a summary, as one watches the scientific developments he should also control his reactions, renew himself, use the words and do the actions that we have not heard from him before.

     His reactions  should not  leave his followers  in really difficult positions (etre contre-pied, to be opposite). Moreover, while he gets adapted to every situation, everything  (every kind of  mould)  he should not have any difficulty  and he should not  think of  assuming himself belonging to a high rank, moreover,  such an idea should not even come to his mind.

     The one  who wants Allah’s science, power should consider seriously the suggestions of those  who have broken their moulds. However,   if he is reacting (to these suggestions) then he should do this not by boasting, accusing and looking down upon, but in his explanations he should  take as a basis the logical reasons and everything  should be told within the framework of logic.

     If, the individiual goes on in this manner, then without doubt  he is considered to have  understood the said verses (eventhough a little bit) and who has found in the verses his own attitude. Therefore,  no matter for what purpose if, he makes some serious proposals he will be accepted.

     Such a development will be  useful for him.

     However, if he repeats the old fashioned behaviour and goes on living so to say with pride, arrogance, then there would be nothing to do and to say.

In this manner he  would have  drawn  his boundaries (set his limits)  according to his wishes.

     As a matter fact, these feelings make it easy to follow the values of  the flesh and bone body and every moment they lead  one  to have  conflicts  within as well as outside.

     Everything goes back to the starting point.

     The son of man goes on living  such that his understanding is that of imprisonment.


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İstanbul - 15.01.2011