In actual fact,  the most interesting part of life  which keeps the mind busy is the part that covers the events that cannot be explained by simple logic.  Most of  the time we cannot attribute any meaning to them, therefore we name them as ‘’coincidence/luck’’ or just say ‘’a curious coincidence’’.

While we are going through these events in life it is very difficult for us to point them out  and to make a good evaluation. Also, a big majority in  the society is unable to see these facts.

However, it should be known very well that the events which we name as coincidence/luck  are a manifestation of the system.

For the ones who accept life within the framework of a ‘’scientific’’ fantasy  the events which cannot be explained by  logic and which are found rather meaningless are considered as  ‘’a great misfortune due to lack of initiative’’ or they simply name them as ‘’nonsense’’ or ‘’coincidence’’.

During the course of life when you feel that the cause and effect relations never follow a straight path, when you feel that there isn’t any place for coincidence and when you feel that all the events are interrelated and they wrap you up like a net, then everything seems to change and to look different.

For example, one day you may meet someone and that may be a real turning point in  your life. The direction in which your life flows changes suddenly and  all the matters that you are dealing with start to go on smoothly without any problems or  totally the opposite may happen.   When an individual who has been famous with his lack of belief  accepts the existence of  Allah and enters  the circle of belief, then this  cannot be explained by mere coincidence.  All of a sudden you may form  close ties with someone with whom you couldn’t establish a close relationship before although you had been very eager for it or the opposite can happen and you may become close friends with someone whom you hated to be with  and most important of  all you may share many of  your  problems with that individual.

Sometimes, without any specific reason  you find yourself very powerful and sometimes you feel so powerless that you are unable to lift your hand up. At times  you can find solutions to extremely difficult problems and you become surprised with what you have been able to do. 

You cannot explain why you have become a singer although you have completed your education to be an engineer.  The football team that you like never  gets the scores  that it deserves. 

Although the person with whom  you’ll fall in love stands in front of  you cannot be aware of  this.  

If  you are  told  that you would  marry the person  whom you have met at a party without thinking, then  you will  become extremely surprised, because since a long time you have been indecisive about marriage and kept on observing and examining  the individuals that you may choose as a spouse.

Sometimes you wish to be alone, but find yourself in crowded places, in large crowds;  sometimes you become very happy unexpectedly and give life to the depressed or at times you get nervous without any reason and create a stressful environment and at times you dream about things that do not have nay chance to become true.

My dear friends!

There is no doubt that these examples can be increased or on the contrary they can be found as unnecessary and exaggerated. However, without doubt all of  these will bring along the questions within the system.

As a result I can tell you this:

 Either one can accept the fact that behind every event there is the detailed, powerful operation of  the absolute consciousness for a specific objective or one may say without caring at all about these  ‘’All of  these are distorted, they are nonsense’’.

However, you should know that one day one may have  to bear the conclusions of such an ‘’I don’t care ’’ attitude.

Ýstanbul, February 24th 2005

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