Some Christian thinkers are against the belief  about the holy trio namely, Father/Son/the Holy Spirit and they come to the point of  denying god.  It seems that Victor Hugo too has some problems with god, because he uses the following expression:-

’If God is like a pope, like an emperor who is sitting  on a throne like the actors in the theatre; if he is a jealous being listening to the hymns among the clouds with a bird on his head, an angel on his right, a prophet on the left and  with his son in his arms who has nail holes in his body; if he is the god who sanctifies the bandits in their hiding places, who finds the children responsible because of  the mistakes/wrong doings of their fathers, who holds in his hands a sword like Le Pere Duchene (during the time of  the French Revolution the newspaper  who calls the people to revolt), if  god is the one who makes Nemrut and Keyhusrev  attack us, who makes Keykavus bite us, who makes Atilla come on our way;    then I deny that god  oh!  priest!

The god whom Hugo did not believe and denied is no doubt among the non-accepted understandings among the Islamic world.  This point should be accepted without pressure or force.

This level of perception is the beginning of the religion like the letter ‘’A’’ in the alphabet.

The reason is that  all the values/systems built on an understanding of  god never  mean anything from the point of universality.

This is the way how things should be like, but in spite of this principle  there are definite deep rooted steps directed towards a god.

Unfortunately, the godly promises are as many as the birds in the sky or the fish in the sea and they have the most honorable place in people’s minds.

Such an  evaluation is being shaped in the effectiveness of  the efforts spent by the people during the time of  losses as well as  in not being able to convince neither himself nor others. This evaluation  is reflected onto the life like a secret rule.

If, as individuals, we could not isolate ourselves from this concept then, it is possible that  in everything we do  we can enter  that imaginary field.  For example, without knowing,   from time to time to go  into arguments and continue with them may be the indication of  a thought which accepts the existence of god.

Dreaming about the design of  future  is again a sign of a godly life, because he knows how to protect his existence secretly in the things that need to be revitalised, in a protest where there is force.

My dear friends! It is the time to accept that the real value of god is meaningless. No matter who the winner or the looser will be now it is necesary to learn with alertness not to depend on this imaginary being and learn how to live one’s horizons to protect one’s freedom in such a way that  the doors of perception can be opened....

I do not know if man will be able to  do this before the iron curtain covers his eyes!

Istanbul, January 27.2005 

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