It is not easy to be ‘’a good educator’’ in life. One should be able to give some new things to the society by using interesting examples along with being a good educator.  The reason is that the people want to see such an attitude.

In the past years, while I was talking with my friends about this subject I had emphasized the above point  much and tried to go into the details.

My first principle was ‘’ be respectful to yourself and to the people whom you feel are  believing in you’’. Along with the learning it is very important to live, to put into practice what you have learned.   Therefore, I remember saying to my friends ‘’While you are transferring (telling) the things that you know, you should do this correctly, without pressuring your friends, without making mistakes, without making yourself ridiculous, without  diving into imaginary subjects and you should answer every single person  who is willing to learn’’.

At that time the approaches of my friends were very pleasing and the majority had accepted my points of view in general though not in detail.

To be able to do this (to be an educator) the only thing that should be done  is to put yourself in the place of  others and act towards the others in the same way as you want them  behave to you. The most important factors in learning are the perception, the capacity to absorb what is being told, the attendance of  the person, the way he can go into the details, thus be creative ( produce new work, new ideas etc.)

The people who do not have the necessary qualifications for an educator  cannot succeed.  It is important to be sincere, be a good listener and understand the wishes, the needs of  the other person.  Apart from these, a good educator is  the one who listens and trusts another educator who is better than himself, who is being noticed in social life and  who has educated someone who has become a possessor of science.   On the contrary, an egocentric way of  thinking wouldn’t be nice at all.

The one who keeps only to himself the things that he has learned and who does not know how to share cannot have respect from the others and he cannot give anything to others as well.  In such a case the ones  who could not have a good training have the right to leave their educator. The educator should not do the things to his students that he does not want others to do to himself.

 Acting in this way increases the motivations of  those who are eager to learn science and who want to go further on the path to Allah.

According to the researches,  it seems that the most important factor for an individual to leave the path leading to Allah is his limited financial resources.  However, the real reason is that the individuals concerned lack the necessary  consistency, especially the  lack of harmony between the educator and the trainee or  the wrong attitude of  the educator.

On the other hand, those who wish to have an education try to leave their teacher and start searching for new educators, but while they are trying to catch the extreme points they find themselves in a worser position.

Whereas, one needs time in order for this science to settle down and to be put into practice (for the biological change).  However, now  the strong wish that the student  had before has become weaker, but he is not aware of  this. At this point the educator’s  duty is to observe the student’s attitude, make the student’s  feet stay firmly on the ground and not let him  think ‘’I have reached the point of maturity’’  and go into a virtual  mood of happiness.

However, led by his instincts (as named in psychology)  the individual may come to this point  and if  he  wants to leave definitely, then no one has the right to stop him or  let  him be stopped through others.

My friends!

Think about the years when you had just started learning about this subject.  Observe your developments through the years by means of  the science, the knowledge that you have now acquired.  Analyse the education you had  during the time that has passed, analyse  your training and your teacher’s approach, attitude towards you. If, you are not too free and easy, if you do not giggle, then you may notice  how far you have come when some subjects seem very simple to you.

Now, for the last time I suggest the ones  who have started this  education to ask themselves the question ‘’Shall I be able to continue?’’ and  think deeply about it.

Remain with love. May you be entrusted to Allah.


London, May 11th.2006

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