‘’Women are very difficult!...
To get married is really an important matter.
They are always triggerring us for the better, but they do not give us  time and they always complain.  I wonder,  if there is any woman who is  content with what she has  and does not ask for more all the time?’’

One of my readers  has asked  me a question  of this  kind  and he was  looking for  an answer.  So,   I have decided to write this article in order to be helpful to my reader who is looking for an answer and to all the other readers as well.

I must state  that definitely  the woman is placed in a very different category in the whole universe of  living things.   The  women  think that they have the key that  gives the first start to the universe.  They are the ones who make up what is already present  The woman’s  field of interest is only the worldly  values and what she will do is never certain. (It can never be predicted what she will do).   For a man it wouldn’t be wise to be rude to a woman especially during the times when her feelings are not stable. (while her feelings are fluctuating).

It is quite DIFFICULT   to understand  and to know them .

As  the woman is very changeable,  and has endless wants;  in short she is a being that plays the role of  the ‘’unbelievable’’...

This is how she has been created  (this is her nature).

One should not get carried away with the attitude of  the woman that wants to dominate and rule the whole world!... 

For this reason it would be really bad for a man if he wants to think of  marrying  a woman that he has met only because he has got carried away by his sexual feelings without making a careful analysis.

Therefore, getting married only for the sake of having been married would bring along a very big mistake which would end up in disappointment.

A man should not consider only the sexual aspect, but he should accept  all the aspects and everything as a whole, so he should be broad minded,  able to see the future and take into consideration  what the woman whom he has chosen as a wife may do in difficult times.  He should make his approach by taking into consideration all of  these factors.  The woman that one will marry  should be controlled well by fictitious difficulties, problems  and clever tactics. It  is important  ‘’not to step on the wet piece of  wood’’ as it is expressed in the old saying.

In this manner  one can predict what  she’ll do in the future from her reactions  at those critical moments.

A life – a marriage which wouldn’t  be a headache, which wouldn’t be an  obstacle gets formed in this way .  There is also another point which should not be forgotten.  The woman always hides behind her feelings. Her attitude and type of  behaviour is her mask and most  people cannot notice this.  Especially, at this point the eyes of  the young men are almost closed as their sexual feelings are extremely intense.  Afterwards they can understand what is what, but it is too late.

In happy marriages the compatibility between the sun signs of  the partners is very important.  This detail must be taken into  consideration, in the first place.

For example, the signs that belong to  the same group/structure cannot get along well in a long lasting relation. Whereas, the opposite signs are in a state of  continuous struggle and argument with each other.   This is like saying  ‘’I can neither be with you nor without you’’.

It is quite difficult for  the  people who belong to the signs of  the Fire and Air group to be compatible  with the Earth and Water groups.

For example, the marriage between a slow and heavy Capricorn structure (from the Earth group)  and a Gemini or  a Libra from the Air group will not be very stable.   The compatibility in a marriage  depends on the angles between the both signs and these are  the 60 degree or  the 120 degree angles between the sun signs of  the wife and the husband.  For example, for Cancer the sun signs  Virgo or  Pisces would be good,  and  for  Gemini the signs Leo or Libra would be compatible...

Marriage is a holy matter.

The ladies, who do not share the belief-life of  their husbands and who rebel constantly, please be careful, because for such  females theKoran uses  the concept ‘’woman’’ and not ‘’a wife, a partner’’ as can be seen in the statements ‘’Noah’s woman,  Lot’s woman’’.

This definition shows that the wives who are expressed by the word ‘’woman’’ are not so respected.

As  a result, I am saying that the individual should know how to look after his wife that has been given to him as  a trust  by Allah (for safekeeping), but he should never  get carried away by her dominant attitude... 

Istanbul, September 5th 2002

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