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    I always say: The truth/ the real does not change. However, Allah is in a new state every instant.

    When you look from one angle you say “that’s it”, then when you look from another point you may say “that isn’t.”

    In other words, the event/ the situation which you have accepted today has become different and has a different look.

    However, in spite of this fact everything is still in the right place.

    Let us begin with the concepts sin and the good deed (sawap).

    First of all every nabi has a special sharia (rules) for himself and any nabi who does not receive a sharia obeys the existing one.

    And with that sharia he has to live, experience and apply the rules.

    The nabi(s) Hz. Moses and Hz. Aaron (Harun) are an example for this.

    The systems change their attitudes with respect to the transformation capacity of the human beings.

    In accordance with this it is possible to witness the existence of evolution at the level of the divine inspiration (wahey).

    The reason is that even in the dimension of nabi and rasul the existence of evolution can be observed.

    As a matter of fact, there is a difference in ranking as well as dimension-system between the saints in general (who are the  Nabi(s) and the Rasul(s) that belong to  the sons of  the Israelits/Beni Israel and  the special Nabi(s) and the Rasul(s) who are at the Mohammedian dimension and who are at the level of  dhaiyyat.**

    Another paradigm occurred when Hz. Moses has opposed strongly the event where Hz. Enoch (Hýzýr) has killed a child by beating him (on the face) and pointed out that this was a sin.  He was in a way right. However, the sharia which Hz. Enoch obeys gives permission to such a way of killing.

    Therefore, what Hz. Enoch had done was necessary and appropriate.

    This is a rare event, but there are still more different sin and good deed relations.  For example, the stoning (recm) which was valid during Hz. Moses time continued during the Christianity too (when we take into consideration the fact that Hz. Jesus has not brought along a new sharia). The same thing has been applied in the Islamic regions   too, but later on it was banned.

    In spite of this fact, it is observed that stoning (recm) still continues in some Islamic regions.

    It will be useful to remind the following point:- The one who does not obey the decree is prisoned to the philosophy which he has established in his name.  I do not find any problem in saying this.

    As a matter of fact, in the verse it says “Your religion is to you and my religion is to me” * for those who are acting as they wish.

    It shouldn’t be forgotten that the ones who do not reflect the universality and who put forth actions with respect to their personal points of view get stuck  at the rock bottom part of  the religion and they go on living in that manner.

    They struggle between the divine orders.


    Let us give another example; in the Christian religion drinking wine and eating pork is among the rules of that religion, whereas in Islam these are definitely forbidden.

    Moreover, upon the acceptance of our religion at the beginning it was free to drink wine (I am not saying eating pork), but exactly after eighteen years this mania was prohibited.

    When the companions received this warning they said “Kadeytena ya rabbi: Oh! Lord, we have poured down” and poured down the drinks they had in hand.

    They were the rare-ideal individuals who were rewarded by our Rasul of Allah (sav) “My ashab/companions are like the stars in the sky and find hidaya no matter to whom you go among them.”

    By the advancement of the technology it wouldn’t be nice to reject the existence of the companions and say “their time is over”.

    If, you want to criticize someone whom a nabi loves you belittle yourself without knowing and in a stupid way.

    Today, there are a lot of people who claim that they have faith, but when they do not get what they want they become angry and try to get help from (alcoholic) drinks.  They have their reasons of course.  Sometimes they are right and sometimes wrong!

    However, they actually are doing wrong.

    Before doing such actions it is important that they should remember the rules regarding their future.

    First of all, when there are problems or in pleasant circumstances it is wrong to use the alcoholic drink as trump card.

    Moreover, it isn’t nice.

    It would be more positive if you say this the rule of Haqq and it is prohibited” and choose not to drink.

    In order to calm down your anger trying to get help from drinking and defending such an idea is useless.

    Moreover, if the individual dies when he is drunk he may loose his faith.

    For those who have not heard there is another warning. 

    Most of the Muslims are eating with their left hands without knowing. In a hadith it is definitely stated that “the hands of the one who eats with the left hand should be broken.”

    The reason is that the food and the liquids taken in by the left hand are registered to the spirit as negative.

    As a result, the individual is doing something wrong and he is being sinful.

    However, no one obeys this rule.

    If, someone does not know this he should learn it.

    However, everyone including the Muslims who know this are doing it habitually.

    Just like the Christians, Jews and the Atheists.

    As far as I can remember an interesting hadith has been narrated with the following meaning “If, you are thinking about something negative, then it is not registered onto your spirit as a sin, but if you are thinking of something regarding the beneficial things (hayr), then you gain the positive, the sawap.”

    We have to explain this by the openings (the utilized brain capacity) in the brain.  As can be seen, the activities of the neurons regarding the positive things are much more with respect to the others (regarding the negative thoughts) so they become much more dense. As a result this density causes even the positive thought which is not put into action to pass over to the spirit (to be registered onto the spirit).

    Another verse says, “You are responsible even for your thoughts”.

    The hadith says that when the idea is negative and if it does not come out into the open it does not lead to a sin.  However, there are also the general waves transmitted by a brain full of negative thoughts.  These are very important because they influence the society, large groups and lead them to the negative; therefore the individual is responsible for them.

    That is what the verse wants to tell.

    On the other hand, the fact that salaat has come into effect after ten years is very interesting.

    As the answer for those who ask the question “Why ten years later?” it can be said: It shows the adaptation period given to the people by the angelic dimension and in a way it shows that the human being has stepped into the maturity.

    Of course, all of these are realized by the cosmic openings, in a way by the arrangement of the sun signs.

    Another important point is that something which is considered as halal

    (Permissible according to Islam) in the existing system is accepted as haram (forbidden by religion) during the special periods.

    Fasting during the first day of the Bairam is haram, also while wearing the special seamless white dress (during hacc or umrah) hunting on land is haram, but whereas doing the same in the sea is halal are examples for this.

    As a conclusion with respect to the explanations given here we see that the sharia of every religion is formed according to the religion itself.

    However, the human being refrains from evaluating these points and does not ask “What is the source of this system and how does it work?

    However, not taking the system into consideration and attempting to do every activity or closing your eyes to them are not something consistent.

    Whereas the system is multidimensional as we have said above.

    We are obliged to get adapted and (adjust ourselves) to this system which belongs to us.



*This is a humble attempt to translate as it is not possible to give the full meaning of the words of Hz.Rasul.

**By the permission of the author, the statement “velayet-i amme has been translated as “the general sainthood” and “the saints of  the Mohammedian dimension” has been translated as “the special sainthood”.


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