The wonderful feeling named as inspiration is  similar to  Seraph ( the angel who represents the endlessness of  life) giving life to the human being.

The divine inspiration (wahey) reaches even the bee who visits thousands of flowers in order to produce a wonderful nutrient for the human being,  so why shouldn’t the inspiration have a way to reach the human being !

We prison this feeling  into the most dark, silent corners of  our ego and we do not want to bring it out.  However,  it finds us from time to time in spite of  all our efforts to repress it  and pours out and continues to  illuminate.

The owner of  the inspiration is aware of  the fact that he is not alone on the road  of  life.  Inspiration not only determines the things that will happen, but defines and determines the love in your heart too. It makes you become aware of  the true, real thing and the superficial, the imitation.   As a matter of  fact, its aim is to reshape/to reform the  human being.

Beneath all your  beautiful and nice achievements there is a feeling which does not make itself  known. This feeling, without letting itself  known  continuously pushes the human being towards success.  It saves you from where the fire is, from the danger, from the  abyss and from the ghettos.

As the individual gets away from his true self  the concept that is named as inspiration gets lost. It fades away like a rare, delicate, tender  flower.  However, when it outbursts,  with that exuberance  it takes you to a state of  excitement which cannot be described by words and you cannot really attribute a meaning to your feelings. It leaves you with the realities which before you were not able  to understand  how they occurred.

If,  you cannot  become aware of  the artificial inspiration, then you will suffer with pain and you’ll be left alone helpless.  The true inspiration cannot be one sided even though it makes you feel the pain and the emptiness.  It comes out as it is. It never thinks of  saying ‘’Please, listen to me’’.

In  the relation of  the human being and the universe it is always felt definitely during the instants when the  individual is most close to Allah.  It races with time. It guides the human being. It  tells that his route should be towards  his essence.

Its beauty cannot be described, because it is impossible to describe the imaginary.

While the inspiration is coming do not expect that your eyes will open or close and  you’ll have  dreams.  It finds you all of a sudden and at an instant when you least expect it.  Never become surprised if  it is with you when there is no one by your side  to share your problems.

Actually, it is like  the Phoenix (the mythical bird) that whispers from within.  Even deciphering the meanings in this bright beam  of  light belongs to the inspiration itself.

You hear as if  it says ‘’I am here’’.  When you open the doors wide open which you could not open before, you have a strange feeling.     Your energy that has been lost gets renewed by it.  Your revival, the changes that you undergo  are all in relation  with it.  It never uses sneaky methods, but  informs us directly that we are different.

Let us remind immediately,  inspiration is the language of  the Saints of  Allah,  the language of  the one who is  precious, highly esteemed, the one who is extraordinary and the  language of  the Absolute consciousness.

The words that flow out from Yunus Emre’s mouth describe this:

‘’Leave aside the duality, come and get hold of  the state of Oneness.

With Oneness you can find the love of  the loves’’.

It never accepts to be instable. In such cases of  instability it stops suddenly and takes away its look from you.

The ones who have the expression of wonder, surprise on their faces, those who are too  sensitive  or  the ones who become agressive like a lion and disturb others  have never met the inspiration at all.

It should be known well that the inspiration is on the side of  the ones who are ready to shoulder responsibilities, who know that they are being dominated by the  intellectual mind and  not only by the physical body. 

When the Perfection of  Nubuvvat  had come to an end, the Wahey (the Divine Inspiration) had stopped,  however it wouldn’t be correct to say the same thing about  the inspiration.

Ýstanbul, December 12th 2004

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