To see oneself  more than what he really is (to be boastful)  and to make a show off  has become an illness in the social life.   Also, there are some other behaviour types  such as  to praise others, to flatter people,  to love and obey them  and  trying to be on the agenda all the time by doing these as well as creating the feelings of pity.

It is impossible to understand why do people are in need of doing such things  and why they  keep on exaggerating more.

In order not to be obsessed by this and not to be  ridiciluous  there are two things to be done:-

1.    You should not make promises that are hard to fulfill and you should not exaggerate too.

2.    You should think for a short while what you are saying,  make an auto control so that you wouldnít have to drawback from what you have said  and make others believe in what you are saying.

At this point the chemistry of  the brain/the mind and the body should be in full cooperation.   If, you cannot  make this happen, then it is  becomes very hard for you to control yourself.   The reason  is that when   the speech is ruled by the body (and not the mind), then it acts not in accordance with the brain, but  according to the instincts.  

Your body may lead  you into situations which are hard to accept by your mind. Therefore, the mind should make a halt to the bodily desires and should not be carried along by them.   If, this had not been so almost everyone would speak logically in the society.

Most of  the time exaggeration is present in the people who do not have an objective, who do not share an  idea, who are unhappy and who have problems and who do not know what they are saying. Therefore, it is necessary to be cultured and have self training (to have self control).  The ordinary  people who could not reach the universal dimensions, who are weak, who got  stuck at a certain level definitely need to go a long way.

Be careful, in each of  the people who have left a significant trace on humanity and who  have not exaggerated (who did not go to extremes) you may find different attributes.  They have been mentioned in different fields of work, have guided the humans and have acquired the quality of leadership. However, what is common in all these people is that they have spent the maximum effort in order not to exaggerate.

As a matter of  fact,  the most important way  for advancement and  for being productive is to avoid getting caught  in such a negative behaviour type.

As you know, there is a factor in the religion which is to communicate/to notify (I am mentioning  this meaning to recommend  Haqq).  While communicating the  the religion (religious knowledge) to others one should not go to the extremes  and avoid telling them the  things which are  extremely hard to understand.

For example, if you suddenly wake someone up in the middle of  the night, frighten him/her by doing so and try to tell him/her  about a mystical subject  for the sake of  sawap (positive gains) is not nice.  This means taking over the responsibility, bu refrain from carrying it.

Have you ever thought about the reason why the people who have almost everything are unhappy and sad?   These people have a quality which they too cannot understand, as explained below :

- As a result of being extremely individualistic, the jinn(s) come along and they trigger the feelings and in this manner  they exaggerate all the events.

If,  there is a lack of something, then they make it seem as if  too much is lacking. Also, if  there is much of  a thing, then they show it  as abundant.   The moment you become aware of  this you should control yourself and try to tell the truth withoout being artificial.  We should not miss this small detail.

I am saying these to explain that it is in our hands to gain the 

attribute/feeling of not exaggerating and turn this into a life style.

Otherwise,  not only would we be harmed, but the whole human kind will be harmed as well. 

May you remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.

Istanbul, October 7th .2006

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