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     “O…! Eba Bekr! Shirk (Polytheism-ascribing a partner) is more hidden than the sound of  an ant’s foot  in yourselves!”

     For a man saying “Allah has wished, therefore I have wished” is considered Shirk”.

     And for a man saying “If such person weren’t there for me, the other one would have killed me”is considered Shirk.”

     These holly statements coming out of Rasul of Allah’s mouth, are moving a big stone off its ground that has barely been noticed or ignored until then.

     Besides, it is not only changing the shaky parts of the system, but also  approving the “oneness” of the being in a way.

     The reason is that shirk  is out in the open  and it is so close to us such that we can reach it by hand.

     Basically, it (shirk) adds the label of  carelessness and irresponsibility  to the destruction that it has caused in those people who have assumed themselves to be a body of  flesh and bones.  

     Naturally,  saying “There is no God, only Allah” does not abolish Shirk.

     Nowadays, those who have faith, thanks to the universal guide-adviser,  are showing that they can behave in a more courageous and determined way and set themselves free from the visual compositions.

     Moreover, the significant signs/clues that will prevent us from falling easily into the state of shirk are being given.

     Those who can evaluate, on the way to understanding Allah, after having said “Let Shirk come to an end”,are thinking that that, this explanation will be the “opportunity” to solve their problems.

     At least, this is what is being  implied.

     Because, once Shirk has been abolished, getting cross with someone, being offended, feeling bad will come to an end, no one will look down upon another person, will not talk behind his back, will not  blame and criticize him, will not become angry, furious , will not imply that  he explains and knows ISlam beter. He will be tolerant, humble, open to renewal. Briefly, he will perceive the fundamental principles by the help of  these manners, won’t be stuck in simple levels and most important of all such people  will reach  a point in their consciousness and realize that the being is solely one.

     From now on, the coincidances, betrayals, big sorrows, the burdens and that heavy mood will not overwhelm the individuals easily.

     Actually, this is the lifesytle-the attitude on which one wishes  to focus.

     Those who know themselves or those who want to find the truth and to get rid of  the psychic motives in their heads have agreed that this is the final point. 

     Almost everyone is determined to take this new approach (new application) all the way to the end.

     Those who don’t consider the new conditions or who don’t care much about them  will be trapped in this “vicious circle” continuously and will lose their eternal life by being blocked/ veiled from the truth.

     Of course, there are various reasons to remain in the state of Shirk.

The most significant one, as it is well known,  is to assume oneself to be a body of flesh and bones. This assumption initially starts to be “programmed in the mother’s womb, gradually develops, grows, becomes richer, increases its density and causes the human being to loose his power (weakens the human aspects)”.

     In this matter, the mystical segments of the society, especially the narrow-minded conservative ones want to take advantage of this situation.

     They are making an effort to find some errors in the matters that we have discussed.

     They think that they will become more rich in spiritual growth if they combine the body-centered approach with the belief system.

     However,  these type of thoughts are completely wrong. In fact, the warnings of our Rasul Hazrat Mohammed (s.a.v)  are also showing this.

     Many significant problems will be wiped out by perceiving these warnings deeply.

     The above mentioned attempts, progress and growth  rubs out seriously the individual’s self, that is “his assumption to be a body of  flesh and bones”. Once, these new adjustments are settled, it becomes easier to see that   “the daily life wounds caused by Shirk and the absurdities  make your life miserable” are so meaningless.

     This is where the Classical Approach to Islam and the Renovative Approach to Islam get separated  from each other with those type of cracks.

     Briefly, if we look at the two different approaches (and practices), we witness the ongoing opposition between the two points of view the common one and the superior one/the point of view of  those who have attained certainty to Allah.

     At the beginning Allah’s knowledge (science) has given the message of “Renovation and as a result of  this,by all means, in paralell with explanations of our Rasul Hazrat Mohammed, it has revealed the true meaning of Shirk.

     Following these explanations, as a basic practice, our Rasul Hazrat Muhammed’s warnings and suggestions have been taken into consideration more seriously.

     Nowadays, the difference has revealed itself out in the open. The problems are gradually being solved.

     In a sense, people’s determinism is derived from this point.

     Everyone has more or less understood how meaningless it is to ruin/to sacrifice a whole life by meaningless  obsessions.

     The awakened  ones are  are not disrespectful to those who chose the “old-fashioned I know all what is necessary” approach,  but they strongly emphasize that from then on, it is absolutely necessary to reach out for the truth and solve  the dilemma/the difficult situations with “that new perception”.

     If, their point of view doesn’t change, they don’t insist because they sense that it is due to their purpose of existence. They know that it is useless to talk about the practice of life to them.

     Nevertheless, if Allah wishes, they can also “attain the hidaya;convert to the right way”, and they accept that those ones will never be the same again.

     The important thing is to be able to come to this point, to be able to read “Eshedu...” from the beginning to the end, isn’t it?

     In my opinion, whoever disregards this fact, makes a huge mistake.

     The consequences (of this irresponsible action) will be great.

     We can say that these type of explanations and the  consciousness revealing  itself openly, has brought all of us to the doorsteps of the divine knowledge.

     Therefore, I am saying that there is no reason to waste this incredible, magnificent opportunity.


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Bodrum - 04.10.2010