The society who has been busy with those well known subjects for some time has  at last observed that science is the thing that is  absolutely necessary for itself.  Most important of all, the people had the idea that most of  the things that they  have  learned in Mysticism, or from the Koran and the Hadiths were only metaphors.

For example :

Hz. Jonah’s going into the fish,

Hz.Moses’ looking at the mountain,

The matter of  expelling  Hz. Adam when he comes close to the tree...

Along with the above, the people have also understood that even the concepts such as the Ahadiyah ( the Supreme, unconditioned Unity),  Samadiyah ( the whole which does not let anything to go in or out, pure solid), Vitriyat (being odd, single), Abd (the one who is  in servitude), Rabb (the Lord),  Malakut ( the permanent Sovereignity, the angelic universe), Ubudiyat (to be devoted to Allah  with faith and obedience), Uluhiyyat (the quality of divinity)  are all  metaphors that have been used to point out the meaning.  In short, the people have become aware of  the fact that all of  the above were a sort of  ‘’MESSAGE’’.

Whereas, nowadays the people are in a hurry to run away from the things that they have once accepted as the truth and for which they have spent a lot of effort to understand .   As it is in the old proverb that says  ‘’The one who falls into the sea gets hold of  even the snake in order not to get drowned’’, they are in a hurry to find the way that’ll take  them from the darkness to the light.

Their only problem is to evaluate the Metaphorical Messages!

Before, I have written several times and now let me repeat again:-

One should be able to differentiate the limit between   perceiving and knowing. As a matter of  fact, in very simple subjects the word ‘’to perceive’’ finds its place, but when one goes into  the depths it is seen that ‘’to know’’ is necessary.  Yes, it is necessary to know at first.  Following this there comes the maturation of that knowledge.

Perception comes to the forth in this manner and in the next stage this perception is put into practice, it gets transformed into a lifestyle.

This means that in order to analyse something it is necessary to know it first. If, one is going to know what the truth is, then he should  at first  know these events and concepts known as metaphors and afterwards one should be able to decipher them and sense/perceive what is being told in them.

The Koran is emphasizing this explanation with all the details, but still by metaphorical words such as  Ilm al yakin (sure, firm religious knowledge and belief; to have certitude scientifically),  Ayn al Yakin ( after having realized the truth to feel that in one’s essence and live accordingly), Hakk al Yakin ( to understand the truth fully and live it).

The learned men in the visible realm are evaluating whatever is going on by the state of death that we all know,  however this is an explanation  which does not find its place and which is given by an instinctive attitude (which is led by instincts). Of course, as  a result  there comes out  a viscious circle.

The truth is that the metaphor is the sum total of  all the concepts that are changeable.  In a man’s world ‘’ not being able to evaluate the metaphors’’ is placed at the top of  the negative effects.   The reason is that  the absolute, in other words  the truth has been veiled by various names.  Therefore,  all the basic points of  view which do not come from the origin have to change.

When you examine carefully this situation looks as if it has been arranged and conditioned on purpose.  First, the real facts are being presented with the data that are compatible  with one’s data base.  Then some advancements are expected from the individual. In these expectations along with the capacity and ability/talent of  the individual  the resistance point of  the body is taken into consideration, in other words as it has been named by the elderly the matter of  ‘’being able to absorb’’   is taken into consideration.

When you have a careful look you’ll see that  there is a very important warning made by Allah’s Rasul Hz.Mohammad in order to prevent the humans from falling into this whirlpool:-  ‘’Talk to the people in the direction of  their minds...’’

The men of wisdom are saying that such applications in the philosophy of  Sufism are made, because  various metaphorical phrases accompany the individuals and they have almost become the relatives of  their thoughts. However, they are brought into the verbal dimension because they have a contribution to the path of  the truth. These metaphorical concepts are used as tools to enable the individual reach the whole, in other words the  truth.

While one tries to make these concepts stable within himself  (while one tries to understand/to comprehend these concepts) and while he goes on walking on this path, he should not forget the dialogue between the truth and its metaphorical forms and he should  leave them easily at the proper time and place.

As a matter of  fact this is the way to differentiate between the truth and the metaphor!...

Istanbul, August 29th 2002

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