Regarding the speeches and articles in which no name is indicated there may be some doubts/questions as to whom they are being addressed. In the first place, although one may find them interesting s/he should not reach a decision hastily without thinking.
This situation (indirect referral) is a must and it has lots of advantages.
At least the definitions/comments made in this manner are not classified as ‘’gossip’’ from the point of the one who has written or spoken them. In addition to these, the things that have been said or written invite the people to thinking.
It would be more logical to think about this subject in this manner, because the one who gossips uses a name and s/he seizes every opportunity as a great treasure.
In the criticisms made without giving a name, the target is not specified, therefore no one can blame another and they cannot create a negativistic attitude right at the first glance.
This helps everyone get a share in his own terms (according to his undertsanding) from the philosophy that has been put forth and helps one to consider the things that have been said/written as things that have been targeted for him or her.

Anyone who does not live the universality (becoming universal) creates a target by using a name. It is very important not to use names both in the normal daily life and the mystical life or in the dimension where religious discussions are being made. This point has the utmost importance especially in relations where the concerned parties have respect for that relation. Names are mentioned in places where ugliness prevails.
For example, there are various ways to tell about one’s love, but if one says directly to the other person ‘’I love you’’ it may not be as effective as the others. Also, when a person’s fault is not told openly to his face, but told in symbols it would be more effective as you would imagine. The indirect, but the meaningful words that you can use without hurting him are much more meaningful. What I want to tell is something in parallel with this.
While a message for a general purpose is being given the most reasonable thing to do would be not to make the doubts center on one person.
Writing or talking about a subject without mentioning the name will make the position of the one who is doing this act become more attractive.
The directions taken towards that person will be from a high level. In this way it is possible to make the one who has been pointed out indirectly without using his name correct himself as well as the others.

There is no need to classify or mark the humans. Also, they cannot bear to be the main ingredient of every subject.
The ones who generate ideas and thoughts know this and for this reason they do not play with a name or play games with names.
I can see that extraordinary humans are not using names and for this reason they are expressing themselves better and feeling more free in every condition.

Istanbul, April 5th 2002

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