A Human Profile

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     There is a difference between one human being and another .

     Now, some people are asking: “What type of characteristics do human profiles show within the social structure?” I am hoping that you will easily find all the answers based on our analysis in the paragraphs below.

     First let us start with a positive approach:

     There are such people, who, with their warmth,  make you feel as if you are in heaven and with their one cold look, they make you feel you are in hell. Those who live by using their brains and have the full control of their will power are gathered in this class. These people never complain about anything, neither from sickness nor from others.

     With his looks, he either constraints/restricts one’s life (al-Qabidh/ al Qabýdh) or transforms it to the state of  relief, expansion (bast, al basit).

     He makes a glance (at people and things). By being silent he lets people benefit from his knowledge, enlightenement, prosperity and blessings. He does all these things  by means of  the telepathic waves.

     Those who have the attributes of "kashf" and "fath" are capable of doing the things we mentioned above. No matter how time changes or how fast the technology  develops, we are always obliged to follow the ones who have all these attributes.  

     Their mental contributions are on the adequate level. (The knowledge they share with people is never more than what people could take in.) They wouldn’t want to apply any spiritual pressures on people. The only concern they have is to be beneficial to humanity. They take each and every step with regard to this intention.

     Worldly values never exist on their agenda. This approach of theirs astonishes the society. It makes one say “I have never seen or heard anything like this before”.

     Whoever has a little bit of common sense  feels this (their intentions mentioned above) at least.

     They do not nurture enmity to anyone. They have nothing to do with causing any discomfort or disagreement among people and gossiping as well. They are the ones “who don’t eat the flesh of their dead brothers”.

     As the cultural,intellectual level (of the society) goes higher, they transcend into another state of mind. They enjoy sharing very much. They talk to people with respect to their capacities (taking into consideration the level of understanding of the people).

     I am talking about a specific class of people.

     They look at the individual’s  spiritual formation as well as his character. They never feel lonely, but they prefer to live alone among the crowds.

     People enjoy very much having conversations with them and listening to their speeches. They prefer to listen to them until they finish their words and never want the speech  to end. The concepts of existence and non-existence are put into practice/experienced/observed through them, but it is hardly ever being noticed. The concept of “the other one’’ never comes out of their mouth.

     There is nothing ‘obscure’ in their books/lives and they are never “in need”. They live on good deeds. They know how to convert the good deeds to the oneness very well. Nevertheless they cannot be limited or only known by these favors and goodness. Among those there are the ones who go to mosques and perform their prayer, there are also the ones who don’t even stop by a mosque.

     They concentrate on the development of knowledge in the society and its culture. They deal with the novelties and they consider this  as a Sunna (the words and acts of Hz.Mohammed (s.a.v.).They always pay special attention to giving  positive signs or feedbacks.

     They try to persuade us to turn us  from the dark side of the past with their experience –knowledge (ilm). They spread the belief  that  change is inevitable and it is not possible to go backwards. They give a speech as “The past belongs to the past. For those who have wisdom, it is a must to look forward and be open to novelties”.

     Whereas the profile of a negative person is as follows;

     In spite of the fact that along with the changes finding solutions to the problems have become easier,  they avoid getting closer to these and they cannot admit that the past is over, has been left behind.They are the types who are never sure of themselves or what they are doing.

     Any positive formation gives them sorrow and pain. Stubbornly,  they defend the thesis that today is not much different than yesterday. Their purpose is to interrupt the modernization. However they only deceive themselves.

     They don’t know that the advancement is around an axis such that there is no returning back.

     It is almost unavoidable to see these reactionary,conservative people who introduce themselves as having modern thoughts. It is possible to see that by manipulating the religion they try to pressure the societies-groups or for the purpose of frightening they threaten them.

     These things have happened at all times.

     They never come up with anything reflecting the universal principles. Moreover, they also run away from these (positive) intellectual outcome. They can never think of utilizing the abilities/attributes that Allah has given to them. They live with their unclear problems and fears, thus they struggle. Therefore they prefer to live all together.

     They can never experience the freedom of cutting loose from their bodies.

     We long for  becoming one of the positive people. We are sure of  this as we are sure of our names.

     The only solution is the possible transformations we will go through. Everything will be on the right track if we can realize this fact.

     Then, a healthy  human profile  who is free from the captivity (slavery) of his body will emerge.

     A person who is free from the captivity of his body (will come out).

     How beautiful/valuable, how appropriate is the effort that an ordinary adult is making in order to become an adult with these said qualities!

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Ýstanbul - 22.12.2010