Capacity is known as the ability/the power of  a person for understanding; it is the degree of  perception that a person has.  However, in today’s world a lot of  the humans (in spite of  the fact  that they have been created with this most excellent attribute in the universe) are not  choosing to live with  their own traits and attributes such as these; but instead they prefer to live with temporary/on the surface  personality traits which are forced  and imposed upon them from outside.

At this point, it is ridicilous to think that the individuals who think of themselves as important people should have more capacity than others.

The social obligations, the fear of being alone, deep rooted habits, the use of force,  the cultural norms that are being forced upon  the individual and the weaknesses  are the important factors which cover up the capacity and prevent it from being utilised.

Our attitude even in a very simple event  shows clearly the extent of  the  the above   mentioned condition.

For example, some people, when you do something to them  which is against their ego react in such a  way that  you become extremely startled.

In the Chapter of  Al –Baqarah/The Cow,   the Koran-al Karim has considered this concept together with the concept that the human being is the caliph and has asked us to evalute this in the same manner.

In the said chapter the angels reacted to Allah and said  ‘’Anyone who will shed blood cannot be a caliph’’; then Allah answered ‘’if you are true to what you say, then inform me about the names of those’’ pointing out the names that he had taught Adam. 

Upon this statement of Allah the angels became aware of their capacity and they were full of regret because of  their reaction, so they said

‘’Oh Lord,  be glorified, we cannot know anything other than what you have taught us.’’

Another good example which explains about the capacity is emphasized  in the 286th verse of  the same chapter  and it says ‘’Allah makes proposals to an individual  only within the limits of  his power’’.

As can be seen clearly the capacity is a very important factor. It seems that ordinary people –unfortunately most of us are within this category-  have difficulty in solving even a very simple subject as they are not aware of  the realities, so how can they  know Allah.

Here, the important factor is the accuracy in the evaluations and this is possible only if  the individual sets himself free from the limitations of his innate composition.  At this point I have to underline a subject  which is important:-

The beings made up of fire!

Yes, we know that this path is closed to those beings, namely the jinn(s), because the composition of the names which have formed them is not at a level so as to let them push their limits, go beyond those limits and to know their origin and their truth.

The knowledge that the human being can acquire about himself is depends directly on the potential power.

We should not forget that the Koran-Al Karim informs us that the humans will not be able to manifest their capacities unless they prefer their true selves to their ego(s), unless they change the difficult conditions.

I am thinking that to insist on advancement with all the misperceptions is meaningless.

Istanbul, March 11th 2004


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