The elderly people say ‘’The expert has a hundred different kinds of  tricks/plays but, he teaches ninety nine  of them and keeps one to himself.’’ 

The reason is that if he tells  about the play/ the trick which he has kept to himself, then he will no longer be considered as a  skilled expert, everybody will start gossipping about him and  the apprentice/the trainee will defeat him immediately. 

The expert is humanistic,  good natured and loving; he is  a man of wisdom and his words/orders add colour to  life. He lives without fear, without getting tired of anything, with an extraordinary patience which is super human and  without any compromise (from his principles). 

The close interaction between the members of  the community is realized by means of him.  There is a part of him in all the things that one  has done before or in the things that are being done  now. 

The individual, by having a deep rooted bond of  love  to his expert  increases his own power.  The expert’s love makes the apprentice/the trainee  gain a strong will power and develop a strong personality.  By means of  the expert the human being leaves aside his egotistic drives, learns how to surrender and be a servant to Allah. 

The expert is an important factor in connecting the people and in making them  differentiate between the good and the bad.  So, by means of  him  we can differentiate the positive from the negative. 

In the Quran-al Karim there is a verse that says ‘’All of you get hold of  the rope of  Allah firmly, do not loose the connection between each other and remember the mercy of  Allah over you.  You were all  enemies to one another,  but  Allah made your hearts agree and made them feel warm for each other.’’

In this verse, the statement ‘’Allah’s rope’’ has been explained by some commentators as the community, the society, but  in principal it should be evaluated as‘’Allah’s science/knowledge’’. 

So, ‘’the expert’’ according to  the meaning we perceive is  the one who is authorised to rasp/ to grate  the rough parts in the behaviour of  the people who believe in him and who transfers this science/knowledge to the ones who have the capacity and the talent. 

With this aspect the experts become the ones who deserve most to represent  the truth.  It is only possible to get saved from the existing bad,  ruined state only by their assistance/help.    There isn’t a single thing that they do which has a scent of  emotionalism.   Theirs is not an order of chaos. 

During his lifetime if  the  individual cuts off his relations with the expert, then this means that he has lost control of himself  and in a way it means that he has terminated himself.  

The experts go on living without taking into consideration what the other people say about them such  as ‘’crazy’’,  ‘’nonsense’’ or similar things.

They give willingly  without taking or expecting anything back.  They live without asking for  any certain rank or a position.  Their sole  direction is  the path  of   Allah’s Rasul Hz.Mohammad. 

No matter what their advancements are they  refrain from making the funny statements such as ‘’We are the center of  the world and everything  is turning around us.’’ 

However, in time, it is possible to see that the good willed ones  who do want to go on  following the path of the expert may diverge from their objectives and  they may act rudely, arrogantly towards these people who were once very precious for them. 

For these people who are full of greed  there is an open danger nearby.  They should always keep in mind that their illogical, on the surface behaviour trying to prove their ego in every subject lacking the necessary enlightenement and the training blocks them off  from further advancement on  their paths. 

Anyone who does not understand the expert  can neither  perceive/evaluate the Absolute Creator nor Allah’s Rasul. 

How nice would it be if we could only know that these magnificent/great upper level people  whom we like very much and from time to time to whom we get tied with deep love

are able to sense our feelings and thoughts!

London, November 08th 2003

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