The Tiger  and the Snow can be summarized as the adventures of  a clown like Italian in Baghdad in the middle of  the war.  Roberto Benigni continues with his optimistic humour as we have seen in the film ‘’Life is Beautiful’’ and this attitude forms the main characteristic of the ‘’Tiger and the Snow’’.

In the film, the actress who plays the woman whom  Benigni loves (who is the woman of his life) and after whom he goes to Iraq  is Nicoletta Braschi who is Roberto Benigni’s wife in real life. 

Roberto Benigni, who is named as the ‘’Clown Prince’’ in his country has become famous in the world film market  since he has shot the film ‘’Life is Beautiful’’  that has won three Oscar awards. (The Best Foreign Film,The Best Actor, The Best Music awards).

In the film, Benigni plays  a man who is always happy,  careless and breaks everything and  who speaks of  love all the time.    He heads for Baghdad  with his friend Fuad (the poet who does not want to leave  his city  alone at the time of war), because Nicoletta has been shot and her brain is heavily injured.   The lover Benigni (Attilio) goes to Baghdad without hesitation  as soon as he hears about this. There, he does everything  he can in order to make the woman whom he loves  survive.

During this time Benigni does so many things that can make us call him silly and make us laugh very much.   

The point which cannot be understood is the muslim poet Fuad’s  committing suicide suddenly.    This event does not have any contribution to the whole film.  Most probably at this point  the Italian producers  have confused the love for one’s country and one’s belief  therefore, they have placed  such scenes in the film.

The end of  the story takes place  in Italy.  Nicoletta has recovered and returned back to her country, but she cannot know who has helped her. This is one of  the most striking points of the scenario.  At the end she knows him by  using sneaky and clever tricks.

The Tiger and the Snow  is a film that you can enjoy and watch  without getting bored although the name is not so much in harmony with the subject.

My  note for the film is 7 out of 10.

I wish you a pleasant time while watching the film.


Istanbul, January 24th 2006

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