The attribute of being able to keep secrets has an important influence on the social life and on the lives of the indiviuals as well.  Therefore,  this is a subject that deserves to be emphasized much.  Keeping a secret is another version of  assimilation (such as assimilating the knowledge etc.) Actually, it is much more broader and when one is applying for such a thing he cannot foresee what kind of  things he is going to face.   It may be difficult for a human being to pay the price for such a load.  For this reason, it is only possible to give a secret   to a respectable person who does change his attitude and burst out  no matter how negative the events are.

Keeping  a secret can be done only by those people who have self confidence. Also, we can observe that only the Nabi(s) and the Rasul(s) who are accepted as the represantatives of Allah and the saints of  higher levels have the attribute of keeping secrets.  So, this shows openly that this concept is not  a simple/ordinary thing.

In the simplest sense, the biggest secret in being able to keep a secret  is to stay  away from being too much sincere  with people, establishing too close relationships and very strong bonds.

It is very difficult to keep secrets in love relations.  Someone who has a bond of love  with another may want to know more about him/her and with a rather sarcastic attitude and a very soft  teasing s/he can pull the secret out of  the mouth of  the one who is trying to keep it.

Also, when the individuals become more sincere and close with each other, then this prepares the means for the secrets to burst out.

Some inexperienced people who are dealing with the mystic philosophy can tell about  everything which should not be told to others simply for the sake of  inflating their ego. This shows that they will never be able to establish a bond with the truth.  

Regarding this point Hz.Mawlana has told an individual ‘’You are me, because if you do not become me, then a friendship cannot be established and private secrets cannot be shared.’’

On the other hand, the truth lying behind giving a secret to those people who are highly  capable in the mystical field is related to  the giving of  fath/conquerence (a very high state of  absolute experience of  cosmic consciousness). If, the mystically capable individual can keep the secret, then he will be given the fath/the conquerence.  An individual who has attained this state of mind becomes  a saint with duty or a saint in charge.

I have said that  he has a ‘’duty’’,    because most of  the saints are not aware of  the fact that they have attained this perfection in the consciousness, in other words they are not aware of  the fact that they have  become saints.

The Nabi and the Rasul(s) are given first the fath/the conquerence and then the secret, whereas the saints are given first the secret and then the fath/the conquerence which is the most precious thing in the world that one can have. 

In my opinion, this is because the Nabi(s) and the Rasul(s)  have an extremely high capacity  of assimilation (to understand the facts/  the knowledge very well and use them properly) and they have been refined from all the feelings pertaining to the standard humans and they do their duty according to the  divine inspiration.

Another point of  importance is that some of  the actions of these high level esteemed people may look like a mistake to us as it is in the example of Hz.Adam. However,   in actual fact all of  these actions are made in accordance with the destiny.  Therefore,  there cannot be any mistake/ or wrong doing.   We should not forget that the individual who has the secret  keeps his   balance even under very severe and  difficult conditions.

I think that such conditions are teaching us a lot.

 Istanbul, February 07th 2004

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