Dear Professor,   when I  interviewed you for the first time it had been very interesting for everybody.  This interview became known  all over the world via the internet.  There had been a sort of attraction, an appeal.

I am thinking  your  popularity in the media has  contributed to this interest.    Now, with your permission I would like to ask some questions for   ‘’A One to One Conversation, Part 2’’. 

The questions at the start are not in your field of work, but we shall be going towards  that point.

-300 years ago Isaac Newton had stated that time was extending into the infinite future from the infinite past, but  this had been invalidated by the ‘’General Theory of Relativity’’ developed by Albert Einstein.  What do you think about  Einstein’s theory?

-Well, it is said that even Einstein himself could not understand, so how dare this poor one can explain it.  I can only tell a few things  as much as my intellectual level permits.   Meanwhile, I no longer take part in the tv programs, therefore I do not think that I am that popular in the  media.

-Can you explain the subject a little bit more?

 Well, he had said that everything was relative and this was determined by the fourth dimension which was time. According to the formula E=mc2 the highest speed that could be reached was the speed of light and the  mass of anything at this speed  would  be infinite.  The infiniteness and the zero point would be the same, because the existence would be abolished. 

However, today it is known that there are particles which travel faster than the speed of light.  Moreover, last year just for a very short instant the scientists could make the light  flow backwards in the laboratory. This is an extraordinary advancement.  So, we can say that both the infinite past and the infinite future are being created.

-Do you think that there is the need for an outside power, in other words a god outside in order for the universe to be created?

This depends on what you understand from the concept of  god.  For example, in Christianity, especially in the Catholic doctrine the god is being imagined as anthropomorphic, something similar to Zeus who punishes or rewards and it is being imagined like a man who is the almighty.

In Islam, this is the same for the ones who, like a parrot repeat the things that have been written  without filtering them through the filter of mysticism and who did not have their share from the scientific commentaries.   However, in the following wonderful lines of  Yunus Emre you can see that magnificent transcendental understanding of Allah :- 

’What they call heaven is a few palaces and a few beautiful ladies,

You give these to the ones who want them, but it is you who is necessary for me’’

These lines perfectly fit into the understanding of Wahdat –ý Wücud (Oneness of Existence) .

In the Johanna’s bible at the beginning it says ‘’At first there was only the speech  and the word was the God’’.  Also, the first divine inspiration (wahey) that Hz.Mohammad had received was ‘’READ’’, so they mean similar things.  The other great mystics are always emphasizing the same theme.   The messages ‘’speech’’and ‘’read’’ have a visible aspect which means ‘’learn how to read and write, read much and extend your vocabulary.

There is also a hidden meaning  which says ‘’read the whole, the absolute information which is beyond the past and future eternity (because both of them are created beings). In the Islamic mysticism this is named as  the Levh-i Mahfuz and in other belief systems it is named differently such as the Kabbalah.  This is something that can be grasped not with simple logic, but  by deep transendence only. 

Some very gifted, selected brains can grasp this and try to explain that life verbally (which actually is impossible to be expressed by  words) so that the ordinary people may understand them. These gifted people are named as ‘’Represantatives’’, in other words ‘’Prophets’’.   Such gifted humans have arrived to every community and the Koran is verifying this fact.

-How did the great explosion (the Big Bang) happen?  As a scientist what is your opinion on  this subject? 

It is interesting that the theory of  the great explosion had come to the fore upon the thoughts of   the atheist American scientist Gamoz who had a Jewish origin and the deist Protestant priest George Henri Lemetrie.  Moreover,  the ideas, the thoughts and the  way of thinking of, the deduction of  these two men were completey different than one another.    When it was proved that the universe was continuously expanding this proof had upset the ‘’the theory of the steady/stationary state’’ which had been based on the catholic teachings.

As the universe is continuously expanding when you roll the film backwards there should be a first instant.   The name Big Bang was a sarcastic word used by those who wanted to make fun of  these two thinkers, but it has been accepted as a scientific term. 

Science is trying to determine ‘’what has happenned’’ in that first instant; but the questions ‘’why?’’, ‘’for what purpose’’ are beyond science and they are left to the belief sysytems and the religions.  Whereas, the matter is not so simple.  In the recent years scientists like Alan Gutth and Hawkins (who can create marvels by the only finger that he can move) are saying things which imply that the infinity has an end too and this end opens the door for another infinity.  So, all these mean that there is nothing such as absence!

They are thinking that the first instant of the universe cannot be the only absolute one and their reason is that  the idea which says that the universe has come into being out of nothing cannot be possible by simple logic. Therefore, they are thinking that both the Big Explosion and the Big Collapse  are continuosly taking place in the parallel universes.  For example, the symbols like the universe beyond, heaven or hell can be accepted when we look through this window. 

-Lately, in the science of  cosmology there is a subject which is being much referred to and this is the 11th dimension.  What do think about these dimensions. As a matter of  fact, 4 of  these dimensions are known. Can we accept the rest as parallel universes? 

As I am not a cosmologist I could not follow the subject closely. I do not know if  the experts of cosmology or cosmogeny are talking about these?  The only thing I know is that there are pleanty of theories which say that there are universes within universes, but I do not know how the 11th dimension has come out?

-Do you think that sleep is attaining something abstract?

I do not know the exact scientific answer, but I am thinking that it is possible.

-During sleep there are the phases of  the dreams... When some dreams become true clearly can it be explained by an event that has been lived in the parallel universe? I would like to have your opinion on this subject as a scientist.

My dear friend, I am open to all kinds of explanations, assumptions and theories. However, they must have a scientific support and must be opened according  to the scientific methodology. Even the idea of parallel universes is an assumption and their existence could not be proved, so when we say that the dreams are coming from them it would be absurd.  Anyhow, we should not forget that the histroy of science owes a lot  to such absurd ideas.

I thank you because you have given us so much information.

I thank you too, you are welcome.   

Istanbul, January 11th,2003


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