Let us talk, but what?

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     Although, as a society we seem to talk much, in reality it cannot be said that we get along with each other well.

     For this reason our problems become bigger and huge like the mountains.

     This is the social impression.

     There may be the ones among us who state firmly that we are talking with each other, communicating. Then, I would like to ask them ’what are we talking about’’.

     In the first place quick conversations   between friends, sharing the daily subjects is not the conversation that I mean.

     The reason is that in the above kind there isn’t any exchange of ideas.

     There is only a physical discharge.

     In the repetitions that make everybody fed up  there isn’t the  approach that  is required.

     Moreover, the dictations made by someone who accepts himself as an  authority does not bring along this concept.

     Sometimes, the things that you are talking about do not have any importance.

     However,  it is thought that something is shared.

     There are the ones who go to extremes while they are talking. They even do not think of   letting others speak. This attitude does not mean to establish a dialogue.  It is more of a monologue.

     Useless explanations and the details about that subject do not make the desired effect and people get used to them, they regard them as something ordinary and sometimes these explanations go in from one ear and come out from the other.

     In short,  in anyone who says that he is speaking (giving a speech) there isn’t an accumulation of knowledge, neither a habit of  informing the humans nor the formation of  the culture of listening.

     We  become unable to realize the worth of this speech.

     The important thing is not to skip the core, the essence of the matter. Therefore,  it shouldn’t be long.

     To know and realize this is  the most important sign of  being developed.

     Whereas, being primitive shows itself by not understanding how valuable  the statements that come out of  the mouth and behaving harshly towards people.

     Sometimes, we become proud of  what the ones  ones who speak nice and who exhibit the art of speaking are saying.

     Anyone who has the talent of giving a speech and who plans the sentences and who shapes the miracles within them seems to us  like a great-unique artist.

     And this individual is being admired and followed with admiration.

     Think of   a scene: The members of  the society have come together and they are going to exchange ideas about a subject. However,  one of  them keeps on whispering to his friend without stopping. He behaves as if  there is no one around.  While their comments follow one another they cannot become aware of  the looks of  the people around.

     It was expected that they should be respectful ‘’not only to themselves’’, but ‘’to the people near  them too’’.

     However, this cannot be done.

     Is it necessary for someone to warn them and say ‘’gentlemen this is not the place for  such a behaviour’’ !

     The people are speaking continuously, but they are not even aware of what they are talking about.

     No matter what happens they love to talk very much.

     What is the use  of  this?

     Sometimes the one who wants to speak does not have the courage to do so. HE thinks that if he speaks people would not like it and refuse.

’Is this possible?’’

     However, when we  take into consideration the similar samples in the society it seems that this has a high probability.

     However,  sharing only the daily events is not satisfactory for the individual.

     When we talk of speaking the subjects of mysticism come to my mind as they are beneficial.

Sometimes,  in order to be useful  to the people around, it seems compulsory by staying silent for a long time and sometimes by speaking to them.

     If, the things are in accordance with  Allah’s statements, then everybody will be content and think that it is satisfactory. However, a conversation which does not have any ‘’gossip or  discord’’ within it is always  valid, because this  is necessary  both for the daily life, the afterlife and for the one who wants to find his essence.

     Normally,  speaking fills up the emptiness (within).

However, it is not correct to make  comments that lead to reactions as well as categorical narrowness and using  sharp and surrealistic abstractions which do not care about the whole.

     It is certain that those who want to learn and who ask  this from us cannot be prisoned to silence.  We do not have the right to do such a thing.  Such a behaviour may bring  out doubts, anxieties, false conjectures and difficulties.

     These  prevent the production of  ideas.

     You cannot find the way to make a speech if you by pass the individual.

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Ýstanbul - 28.12.2010